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Aviation Trivia

Indian stamp of Flt Lt Inder Lal Roy, DFC

  • First self-propelleed, heavier than air aircraft to fly,  Wright Flyer, 1903
  • First human to fly in a self-propelled, heavier than air aircraft, Orville Wright
  • First fighter plane to have a gun that could fire through the propeller without hitting it, Fokker Eindecker
  • First aircraft to break the speed of sound in level flight,  Bell X-1
  • First pilot to break speed of sound in level flight, Chuck Yeager
  • First pilot to break Mach 2 in level flight, Scott Crossfield
  • Fastest aircraft ever, X-15
  • Fastest jet ever, SR-71 Blackbird (the X-15 was rocket powered)
  • Fastest prop ever, Tu-95 Bear
  • First solo flight across the Atlantic nonstop, Charles Lindberg in the Spirit of St. Louis
  • 1st ace, Roland Garros
  • Highest scoring ace of World War I,  Manfred von Richthofen ( the Red Baron) 80 kills
  • Highest scoring British ace of World War I and best scoring British ace ever, Billy Bishop
  • Highest scoring French ace of WWI and highest scoring French ace ever, Rene Fonck 75 kills
  • Highest scoring U.S. ace of WWI, Eddie Rickenbacker 26 kills
  • Highest scoring Indian ace of WWI, Flt Lt Inder Lal Roy shot down more than Nine German aircraft.
  • Highest scoring ace of World War II and of all time for all countries,  Erich Hartmann 352 confirmed kills
  • Highest scoring British ace of WW2,  Johnny Johnson
  • Highest scoring U.S. ace of WW2 also highest U.S. ace ever, Richard Bong  40 kills
  • Highest scoring Japanese ace of WW2, Nichizawa
  • Number of aces in history with more than 300 kills, 2 both World War II Luftwaffe
  • Highest U.S.M.C. ace, either Joe Foss 28 kills or Gregory "Pappy" Boyington 28 kills
  • Highest U.S.N. ace, David McCambell 34 kills
  • Most kills on one mission by a U.S. pilot, 9 by David McCambell
  • Highest scoring  U.S. ace of Korean conflict, Joseph McConnell, Jr 16 kills
  • Number of U.S. aces in Vietnam war, 5 possibly 6
  • Number of U.S. pilot aces in Vietnam war, 2 possibly 3, Randy Cunningham USN 5 kills, Steve Ritchie USAF 5 kills, Robin Olds USAF 4 confirmed kill and 1 probable ( he was already an ace from WW2 also)
  • Number of U.S. non pilot aces ever, 3, all in Vietnam (during the Vietnam war the AF and the Navy gave full credit to backseaters in F-4 Phantoms for air-to-air kills.)
  • Number of U.S. aces since Vietnam, none
  • Only countries to have aces since Vietnam (as far as I know), Israel, Pakistan, and possibly India, South Africa
Fighter Planes
  • First Fighter plane, arguably the Morane of Roland Garros
  • Most kills of WWI, the Sopwith Camel (some argue that the Bristol Fighter has more if you count rear gunner kills)
  • Best fighter of WWI, either the Sopwith Snipe or the Fokker D-7
  • Best fighter of WWII, too tough to call, top contenders = P-51, Spitfire, FW-190, Ki84 Frank
  • Most produced fighter of all time, Me109
  • Only U.S. fighter to be in production during entire war, P-38 Lightning
  • Most kills for a U.S. fighter, P-38 Lightning
  • Best Navy fighter of WW2, F-4U Corsair
  • Fastest fighter of WW2, Me262
  • Most kills for U.S. fighters in Korea, F-86 Sabre
  • Most kills for N. Korean fighters in Korea, Mig-15
  • Most kills for U.S. fighters in Vietnam, F-4 Phantom
  • Most produced U.S. jet fighter, F-4 Phantom
  • Most produced jet fighter, Mig-21 Fishbed
  • Most kills of any current U.S. fighter, F-15 Eagle
  • Number of kills by U.S. fighters in Desert Storm in order, F-15 Eagle 32, F-18 Hornet 2, A-10 Warthog 2, F-14 Tomcat 1, Ef-111 Raven 1, F-111 Aardvark 0, F-16 Viper 0, Av-8 Harrier 0, F-4 Phantom 0
  • Fastest fighter ever, Mig-25 Foxbat (over Mach 3 for some unarmed recon versions)
  • Best kill ratio of any fighter, F-15 Eagle
  • Most combat missions flown in history,  Erich Rudel, Luftwaffe
  • Most carrier landings Capt. Eric Brown, RN
  • First female pilot to cross the Atlantic, Amelia Earhart
  • Largest aircraft of all time, Howard Hughes Spruce Goose
  • Fastest airliner, Concorde
  • Fastest operational bomber, Tu-160
  • Stealthiest aircraft, B-2 Spirit
  • Most produced aircraft of all time,  IL-2 Sturmovik
  • Biggest payload, An-225
  • Largest aircraft to land and take off of an aircraft carrier,  C-130 Hercules (no kidding!)
  • Longest combat mission of all time, a bombing mission by 8th AF B-52s from Barksdale AFB, La during Desert Storm

Atomic Bomb
  • Number of A-bombs dropped operationally, 2
  • Names of,  Little Boy and Fat Man
  • Dropped on, Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Dropped by, Enola Gay and Bockscar
  • Enola Gay is currently at Smithsonean in Washington DC
  • Bockscar is currently at Air Force museum at Wright Patterson AFB
  • Pilot of first atomic bomb mission,  Col Paul Tibbets

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