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IAF Articles from the past

The following articles appeared in the Central Air Command Journal of June 1973.

1. "Air Bridging" in Bangladesh: by Flt Lt N. Prasad.

2. Low level air combat: by Flt Lt Samar Shah VrC, VM.

3. Transit Facilities for Transport Aircrew: by Sqn Ldr D.K Ahuja.

4. Sky diving - the jet age sport: by Flt Lt D.K Dhingra.

5. Important events in Paratrooping at Paratroopers Training School Agra, 1972-73.

6. Effects of works situation on worker: by Sqn Ldr V.K Sarin.

7. Missile explosion measurements: by Sqn Ldr B.C Roy.

8. He was a good flier: by Flt Lt R.L Bedi.

9. Should India go nuclear?: by Flt Lt L. Hanner.

10. Smoking a habit: by Flt Lt S.K Das.

11. Target selection and force requirements: by Wg Cdr K.K Badhwar, AVSM, VrC.

12. Defence Minister's speech on 17 Dec. at C.A.C Bamrauli.

13. Air Chief Marshal P.C Lal's speech at Investiture Parade on 18 Dec. 72.

14. Shape of the future wars: by Flt Sgt Mahchar Lal.

15. Personally speaking: by Flt Sgt Manohar Lal Ed. Inst.

16. Station activities Air Force Station, Poona.

17. Station activities Air Force Station, Gorakhpur.

18. Station activities Air Force Station, Thana.

19. Station activities Air Force Station, Ajitnagar.

20. Indian Ocean - A strategic appraisal: by Flt Lt N.K Pant.

21. Some useful hints for parents.