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Bravest of the Brave 3 - Air Force
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Group Captain Purshotam Lal Dhawan, Vr.C(Bar)

As a young Flight Lieutenant in J&K in 1948, this brave pilot carried out numerous supply dropping sorties in the face of heavy enemy fire. The sheer determination and courage displayed by him, though his aircraft was repeatedly shot, earned him the Vr.C. Later as a wing commander in 1962, he gave ample evidence of the same qualities in carrying out vitally needed supply sorties to Daulat Beg Oldi area in J&K, thus earning a well deserved Bar to his Vr.C.

Air Marshal Vinod Kumar Bhatia, Vr.C(Bar)

As a Flight Lieutenant in the 1965 operations, this brave pilot flew 18 sorties over Pakistan and destroyed a number of enemy tanks and gun positions to earn his Vr.C. He added a Bar to his Vr.C in 1971 when he as Sqn.Ldr destroyed three enemy aircraft on the ground in a daring raid in the face of heavy anti-aircraft fire from the enemy airfield.

Wing Commander Vinod Kumar Neb, Vr.C(Bar)

As a Flying Officer in the 1965 operations, this young fighter pilot tackled four Pakistani F-86 Sabre jets over the Halwara airfield and shot down one, thus earning his Vr.C. Later in 1971 in the rank of Flt.Lt, whilst on a mission to Karmitova airfield with a flight of four aircraft, he was intercepted by Pakistani Sabre jets. He shot down one of them thus earning a Bar to his Vr.C. Sabres would seem to be Flt.Lt Neb's favourite meat.