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Bravest of the Brave 2 - Air Force
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Air Vice Marshal Chandan Singh, MVC, AVSM, Vr.C

As a Squadron Leader in the 1962 operations, this brave pilot carried out supply dropping sorties in the Chip-Chap area under ardous conditions even though his aircraft was hit 19 times for which he was awarded Vir Chakra. His MVC came later in 1971, when as the Officer commanding an IAF Station in Assam, he executed a complicated troop lifting operation in which he carried out numerous helicopter sorties personally in the face of heavy ground fire.

Air Commodore Anthony Ignatius Kenneth Suares, Vr.C(Bar)

This brave pilot got his first Vr.C in Kashmir operations on 26 January 1950. The Bar was given to him in Congo on 6 December 1961, when he along with Flt.Lt Tackle carried out an attack on the enemy against intense shelling and considerable damage to his aircraft.

Air Vice Marshal Bhupendra Kumar Bishnoi, Vr.C(Bar)

As a Squadron Leader in the 1965 operations, this brave pilot carried out 16 operational missions over Pakistan with devastating effect on the enemy. His aircraft was shot thrice but it did not deter him. Having won a Vr.C for this, he went on to earn a bar to it in 1971, when as a Wing Commander, commanding a fighter squadron in the eastern sector, he bombed Tezgaon airfield and the Govt. House at Dacca in the face of stiff opposition and severe damage to his aircraft.