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Top Brass - Integrated Defence Staff
Gallery Ministry IDS IAF Army Navy

Army chief Gen S. Padmanabhan(centre) taking over the baton of Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee from Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sushil Kumar on Dec 28, 2001. (pic: Rediff)

Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee : Gen. Sundararajan Padmanabhan
Chief of Integrated Defence Staff(CIDS) : Lt. Gen. Pankaj Shivram Joshi

Strategic Nuclear Command C-in-C : Air Marshal Tej Mohan Asthana

Deputy CIDS(Doctrine, Organisation and Training) : Air Marshal Govind Chandra Singh Rajwar
Deputy CIDS(Operations) : Vice Admiral S.C. Suresh Bangara
DGDIA & Deputy CIDS(Intelligence) : Lt. Gen. Kamleshwar Davar
Deputy CIDS(Planning) :
Deputy CIDS(Medical) :

Assistant CIDS(Joint Operations) : Air Vice Marshal J.S. Gujral
Assistant CIDS(Perspective Plans & Force Structure) : Air Vice Marshal M. Dixit
Assistant CIDS(Technical Manager, D.P.B.) : Air Vice Marshal S.L. Sud
Assistant CIDS(Intelligence) : Air Vice Marshal S.C. Malhan

Note: The CIDS(Chief of Integrated Defence Staff) is an interim arrangement to look after the integration of the defence services under the proposed Chief of Defence Staff(CDS). Once a CDS is appointed, the CIDS will be redesignated as the Vice CDS.