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World War 2 "Aces"

World War II - the greatest and most destructive war in human history, also produced the greatest number of(and highest scoring) aces of any war in human history. Germany again took a lead role, producing the highest scoring aces in history(with 15 pilots scoring over 200 victories each!) While the Axis nations tended to produce the highest scoring aces, it was the Allies who produced the greatest number of aces. Great Britain had over 1200 aces during the war, while the United States took the record among Allied nations with 1281 total aces(It is possible however that Germany may have had close to 5000 total aces).

Israeli Ace Major General Ezer Weizman -- credited with atleast 5 confirmed kills.
Canadian Ace James "Jimmy" Whalen -- credited with 6 kills.
American Ace General Levi Chase -- credited with 12 victories.
Australian Ace Group Captain Clive Caldwell -- credited with 28.5 Kills.
French Ace Pierre Closterman -- credited with 33 victories.
British Ace Air Vice Marshal James Johnson -- credited with 38 victories.
American Ace Major Richard Bong -- credited with 40 victories.
S.African Ace Squadron Leader Marmaduke Pattle -- credited with 51 Kills.
Soviet Ace Air Marshal Ivan Kozhedub -- credited with 62 victories.
Japanese Ace Lieutenant Saburo Sakai -- credited with 64 kills.
Finnish Ace Eino Juutilainen -- credited with 94 1/6 kills.
German Ace Erich Hartmann -- "Ace of Aces" with 352 confirmed victories.