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Bravest of the Brave 4 - Army
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Lt Col Satish Chandra Joshi, Vr.C(Bar)

Lt Col Satish Chandra Joshi won his first VrC on 14th June 1948 while serving with Central India Horse as a Subaltran. The Bar came to him 17 years later while commanding the same unit in 1965. As a commanding officer, he made every possible effort to find a detour around the enemy mines which were obstructing his advance. Driving a jeep himself, he reconnaitered a passage through the mine field on to the ichhogil canal bank, thus inspiring his men to give excellent support to the infantry. However, in the completion of its mission, the brave soldier from Almora District was himself killed when his jeep blew up on a mine.

Risaldar and Hony Lieutenant Kartar Singh, Vr.C(Bar)

Hony Lieutenant Kartar Singh, of 7 Cavalry, earned both his Vir Chakras in 1948 during Kashmir operations. The first VrC was awarded to him on 8th February 1948 and the second on 1st November 1948. The Bar was awarded to him for his courage and bravery in destroying a number of enemy bunkers and creating confusion in the enemy ranks.

Subedar Major & Hony Captain Bhim Chand, Vr.C(Bar)

Hony Captain Bhim Chand of 2 Dogra is the other example of winning both the Vir Chakras in one operation, both between August and December 1948 during Kashmir operations.

Subedar & Hony Captain Har Singh, Vr.C(Bar)

Hony Captain Har Singh, of 4 Kumaon, also won his Vir Chakras during the 1947-48 Kashmir operations within a time gap of three months.