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Bravest of the Brave - Army
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General Arun Shridhar Vaidya, MVC(Bar), AVSM

Lt Gen A.S. Vaidya is one of the most highly decorated officers. He was awarded MVC during the 1965 operations whilst commanding the Deccan Horse in the western sector when his regiment dealt a crushing blow to numerous Pakistani Pattons. He gave another example of his brilliant leadership in December 1971 as commander of an armoured brigade in Zafarwal sector. In the battle at Basantar alone, his swift moves and stunning punches cost Pakistan 62 tanks which carried the Bar to his MVC.

Major General Rajindar Singh, MVC(Bar)

The story of the deeds of Maj Gen Rajindar Singh is a remarkable parallel to that of General A.S. Vaidya. In 1948, commanding 7 Cavalry in J&K, his bold and imaginative employment of tanks materially changed the course of events in that theatre, earning him the MVC. In 1965, commanding a much larger armoured formation, he took on the numerically superior and better equipped enemy armoured forces and struck such fear in them that they started avoiding battle. In fact they had to be sought out and destroyed. This brave effort earned him the Bar to his MVC.

Brigadier Sant Singh, MVC(Bar)

In November 1965, i.e. after the ceasefire with Pakistan, Brig Sant Singh, then a Lt Col commanding a battalion of the Sikh Light infantry, drove out Pakistanis, who had encroached on our territory, after a bitter hand-to-hand fight. This gallantry earned him the MVC. Then in 1971, as a senior commander in the eastern theatre, he carried out a rapid advance in the face of stiff enemy opposition, thus capturing Mymensingh and Madhopur. His conspicuous gallantry and inspiring leadership were recognised by the grant of the Bar to his MVC.